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A paintball for Jesus

Danie repeats what his Sunday School teacher said to him years ago: “Some will miss out on heaven, because it was too easy to get there.” Unfortunately, that is true. Some people think sin being written off is too easy to be true.

Sometimes we have to bring what Jesus did for us closer to our lives today to really understand it. Like the experience Sanette shares from her Service Year for Christ:

One evening during a camp, a group of 12-year old girls had to face the night ahead with the instruction not to say a word. They were warned that any talking would lead to severe repercussions.

But what 12-year old could ever walk down a dark gravel road without speaking?! So, they were chased back to camp where the group leaders waited.

The senior leaders met and decided what the punishment should be, but that the whole group of campers wouldn’t be punished – the group leader would stand in for them.

This time, I was this group of girls’ team leader – their team was called ‘the onions’. It was super difficult for them to come to me to explain that they had talked and that I was going to be punished for them. They were crying, begging the senior leader and their instructors not to do it.

But somebody had to take their punishment …

The bakkie was brought closer with our ‘sniper’ with his paintball gun sitting in the shadows on the back. ‘The onions’ took me closer, crying all the time. They were coming to sacrifice me for what they had done wrong. Suddenly the bakkie lights were switched on, shining directly on me, and the paintball crashed against my back.

That was their punishment.

Those girls were furious! They screamed and argued and cried! But after a long night’s talking we explained: This is what Jesus did for you, it was just much, much worse. He took on your punishment. Each of those 12-year olds repented that morning.

I’m still grateful for that paintball shot. I’ll take it again anytime.

I often think about that group of girls and pray for them. By now, they’ve finished school and are done with their studies. Maybe they’re already parents … I no longer remember their names, but that night, Jesus came to me too in a special way and again showed me what He had done for us.

9God didn’t set us up for an angry rejection but for salvation by our Master, Jesus Christ. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that this truth is too good to be true.

May the Holy Spirit show you mercy too so that you will believe that Christ’s message of salvation is meant for you too.


Have you accepted the message of salvation?

Do you know someone with a hardened heart?

What can you do about it?


Father, this is such a simple story, but it is so powerful. I want, I have to and I will live your Name in the world out there. That’s the only option available. Amen.

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