God's word in today's world

A marriage for two 2 ≠ 3

I wonder why people cross the boundaries of a marriage. Is it because it has become boring and the excitement on the other side of the fence has just become too much fun? Does the destruction that is wrought on this side have no impact on decisions? I don’t know if there are any winners in this game…

Paul doesn’t mince his words talking about this: 6-7Don’t run roughshod over the concerns of your brothers and sisters. Their concerns are God’s concerns, and he will take care of them. We’ve warned you about this before. God hasn’t invited us into a disorderly, unkempt life but into something holy and beautiful—as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Enough said.


1 Thessalonians 4:1-8


Have our eyes wandered?

Are you doing it now?

How do you understand this Scripture?


Father, thank you for the guidelines in your Word. You give them to us so that all will go well with us. Please help us to be obedient. Amen.

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