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A little afraid of death

Often, I find myself fearing death just a little bit. Especially when things are hard, like when the COVID-19 virus is threatening humanity. When the economic markets drop lower than low, there is always just this thought that this might be the end.

As I wonder about this, my phone keeps beeping, and some of the messages are from people who are completely convinced that the end of the world has arrived.

And an uneasy feeling creeps over me.

Then I have to do some introspection. Am I so bound to the world that I don’t want to leave? Am I enjoying life too much and longing to see my grandchildren one day or am I simply afraid of death?

I read the text and wonder where I’m missing the point: 15 By embracing death, taking it into himself, he destroyed the Devil’s hold on death and freed all who cower through life, scared to death of death.

I wonder for a long time why am I a little afraid to die.

It seems the more I think about it, the calmer I grow. I realise that I’m no longer afraid of what will happen to me after life on earth. Jesus took care of that.

We know the wages of sin is hell. If you’ve sinned, there was only one way to go and that is straight to eternal damnation. Not an enjoyable prospect and certainly not a nice way to go.

That made people fear death.

Fortunately, Jesus turned over this apple cart. He pulled the proverbial sting of death by dying on the cross Himself. Fortunately, He didn’t remain in the realm of the dead, but broke through death. He conquered death and by doing this, He broke the power death had over people. He cut the chains that bound people.

Eternal damnation no longer has a hold over us. Death can no longer destroy us. Jesus freed us. He took away the fear and, in its place, brought us peace and joy.

So, why am I still a little afraid of death?

Slowly I realise that I’m not afraid of death, but rather of leaving all that is familiar here on earth. I’m afraid of the unknown. This is completely normal for human beings.

We don’t like what is unfamiliar. We want to know exactly what the next step looks like and that is the problem with heaven: we don’t know what it looks like and we will look like and what is going to happen there.

Which is right. At least we don’t have to be afraid that eternal death is going to jump out at us from behind the next bush. Thank goodness, Jesus took care of that!

Hebrews 2:14-18

Are you a little afraid of death too?
Do you believe that Jesus pulled the sting of death?
How are you living Jesus’ victory?

Jesus, thank you for pulling death’s sting. Thank you that it’s ok to be a little afraid of the unknown. Thank you for understanding. Amen.

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