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A letter from me

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Hi you

I’ve been so busy recently that I never got around to writing to you. I have to drive the children to their sports activities, then to all those extra classes and in the evenings I have to check their homework. Sometimes it feels as if I’m back at school, but this time in three grades at the same time!

We miss you very much. The whole community misses you. You going away left a big hole on the community. But I don’t know if it’s your house or what, but the people who moved in there are just as awesome as you were. They’ve hardly even settled in when the community could feel something coming. The parents and the three children are so friendly and joyful that you can see the love radiating from them. When I meet the woman in the mall, I can see she’s really interested in how you are. One day she heard me coughing a bit. Shortly afterwards one of her children dropped by with special remedy that I had to drink three times a day. Can you believe it?

At church there’s hardly a project they’re not involved with. But if that’s not enough, the whole family has started a soup kitchen for poor people on Saturdays! And they’re involved in many more places and projects to make a difference in our town. I hope they don’t move again soon.

But I’ve got to go pick up a child again for the next sports activity. I hope you’re doing well in Australia. When are you coming for a visit?



Your life is like a letter written by other people. 3 You yourselves are all the endorsement we need. Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it—not with ink, but with God’s living Spirit; not chiselled into stone, but carved into human lives—and we publish it.

Everything I do is written down in the letter of my life. Every action observed by other people is a story from my life letter.

People don’t realise it, but every time you do something, it gives others a glimpse into your heart. In a way you open the door just a little bit so that people can see what is happening inside, and I must confess I’ve seen many people’s hearts through their actions – and it wasn’t always a pretty picture.

People read us like a book. People can see precisely what we believe in and what is in our hearts before we even open our mouths. Actually, even if we had opened our mouths and talked until their ears started buzzing, it wouldn’t affect the letter that people read about us. No, only our actions write the letter.

The question is whether people read about Jesus in our letters. Not about the theology and sermons and stories, but rather about the actions that Jesus did here on earth. Does it tell stories about Jesus feeding the hungry and quenching those who thirst for the Word with living water?

I know most of us struggle to make good letters so that people may read about Jesus through our actions. We fail this test time and again. But maybe it’s time that we take this seriously and ask God to help us live in such a way that we will make people want to read Jesus’ letters in our actions.


What do the letters look like that you show to the world?

Do people want to read them?

Do they see Jesus in your letters?


Father, I hang my head in shame, because I know not all my letters look good. I really want to help others and make a difference. Yes, I want to be Your hands and feet, but I stumble so often. But I want to and I’m not going to stop trying. Please let your Spirit help me. Amen

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