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A Coke, 2 litres of milk, a pie and 2kg of cake flour

It’s Sunday and my stomach is tied in a knot about all the work that needs to be done in the coming week. After church, I decided it would be nice to braai some sausage and chat to my family around the fire.

But no one had their wallets with them. My son said he can draw money using his phone, so we asked him to draw R100 – the kids are always one step ahead – and we stopped at the ATM.

His banking transactions register via a sms on my wife’s cell phone and while we were waiting for him in the car, she noticed that he had drawn R300. As he got back into the car, he said he had R3 000 in his account and decided to draw 10% of it to spoil himself with his tithe. I immediately realised he was teasing his mom.

He had drawn the extra R200 because he wanted to bless someone else.

He went with me into the shop, but then went in his own direction. At the cashier I saw what he had bought: a bottle of Coke, 2 litres of milk, a pie and 2kg of cake flour.

Outside, he asked us to wait, he had to do something first. After a while he returned without his purchases.

My wife said to him the Lord was probably smiling broadly now. He agreed, saying it was probably just as broad as the security guard’s.

“What did you say to him?” my wife asked. “Remember, God loves you and God bless”.

It is now the next morning and I’m thinking about this next verse: 18Tell them to go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever manage—to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

As the saying goes: “Enough said …”

1 Timothy 6:17-19

How do people experience your wallet?
Or don’t they experience it at all?
Where can you give?

Lord, I know I need to work on my wallet as well. Almost everything that goes out is for me. I know I should give more to others, but I don’t know how and where. Please help me manage my finances correctly so that I can give first to others. Amen.

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