God's word in today's world


All-out action

We must hear about the forgiveness of sin and what Jesus did for us on the cross again and again and in different ways so that we can really experience it. Every moment of the day we must know what Jesus did and then live victoriously. 15He stripped all the spiritual tyrants in the universe […]

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Tear up those overdrafts

People are so used to having accounts – we actually love accounts. I don’t know if this is because it makes us feel important to open our wallets and pick and choose which card to use. Visa card, Master card, Clicks card, Woollies card or Edgars card. Name it, we have it. And that’s why […]

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In and out the casket at our funeral

In Colossians 2, Paul tells the people clearly and persistently about Jesus’ death on the cross and what it means for sin. We are going to look at this subject a few times. And it is good to do it, because it is impossible to fully understand this wonderful thing that Christ had done for […]

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Final cut

Sometimes my wife gets quite upset when I forget to bring what she asked for from the shops. Many are the times I’ve been sent to get bread only to return with everything but bread. that makes her so mad. Put a knot in your tie (I never wear one!) or in your ear (not […]

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