God's word in today's world


Naughty as always

After 40 years I was back at my primary school in Somerset West where my daughter took part in an evening athletics event. I could hardly believe it, but one of my old teachers, Mr. Le Roux, was still there and was the starter for the evening. I walked over and introduced myself. With such […]

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Going mad?

When do people lose it? Sometimes when your circumstances become too much to deal with. Then it may happen that you grab onto anything that can help you keep your head above water – or sometimes you just give up. I know there were times in my life when I just ran around wildly, like […]

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All-out action

We must hear about the forgiveness of sin and what Jesus did for us on the cross again and again and in different ways so that we can really experience it. Every moment of the day we must know what Jesus did and then live victoriously. 15He stripped all the spiritual tyrants in the universe […]

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The fruits of an intimate relationship with God

Let’s look at our relationship with God again. We must be singled-minded in our pursuit of an intimate relationship with God. Only within such an intimate relationship with God where you and I can really grow, where we can learn and become more like Jesus. In an intimate relationship with God, 10You don’t need a […]

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