God's word in today's world


Humbled – from Prince to man

Try and put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. Just getting on with his life in heaven, doing those things fitting for a prince. A comfortable royal life with more than enough people around Him to do everything for Him. And from time to time He and God have board meetings with the other big shots in […]

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Family issued

You cannot choose your family. I can’t just decide one day that I’m fed up with my parents and brothers and sisters and exchange them somewhere for some others. I can’t pick up the scissors and simply cut the ties between my brother and sister and say that I no longer have any family. Even […]

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God’s things are enough

During the Woordfees in our town there were, as usual, many heated debates about many topics under the sun. Philosophers thought and talked long about many difficult subjects. Politicians tried to see where the problem in our country originated and suggested a few quick solutions. Then theologians joined in and questions were asked like did […]

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Getting what you deserve

One day I watched a movie about a man who had been sentenced to death. Death by electric chair. Getting what he deserved, because this man was a murderer. I wondered how you would feel if you had taken another person’s life? What goes through your mind when you see that person’s life leaving their […]

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