God's word in today's world


The focus in my head

Each of us is being shaped by the things going on in our heads. What we permit in our thoughts determines what we eventually become. Sometimes the thoughts in our heads can act as a hand brake. If you think you’re not good enough, the probability that you might get to the top one day […]

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One small deed speaks a thousand words

One Radio Kruispad listener had the following to say: “Thanks so much for the audio messages, they speak directly to my heart.”   If you would also like to receive these audio messages (Afrikaans only) three times a week, please click here or send your name and cell phone number to radio@kruispad.com. Then save the […]

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Dump children and so on…

Paul meant a lot to many people. Just think what he is still doing for us hanging on his every word nearly 2 000 years later. And although he was in jail then, he knew he still had a lot to do. 25So I plan to be around a while, companion to you as your […]

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Sing and do say thank you

Ephesians 5:6-18 When we moved from the farm into town, I was not used to having people living so close to me. I didn’t realise how far sound could travel. I loved pushing my big hifi’s volume button far into the red. Later on my wife walked down the street to hear how far the […]

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