God's word in today's world


A passion to tell, even with a sword hanging over your head

I watched a Facebook film on how the disciples died. Peter was crucified upside down. Andrew and Philips were also crucified. Thomas and Matthew were stabbed with a spear. Luke was hanged. Mark died after being dragged by horses through the streets. John was boiled in oil but survived. He was the only disciple who […]

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Healed through death

Two little boys are fighting and the hair is flying. It’s heartbreaking for their dad and he is so sad that they cannot get along. Actually, all the family relationships are in pieces. The third brother, who is not involved in the fight at all, steps up and offers to take the punishment on behalf […]

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Passionate life

Philippians 2:19-30 Sitting around the camp fire, my friend told me about his work. The business he worked for provided support to struggling students by empowering them through further training in order to actually enter the work force. In this way, many of these students were placed in big companies. However, he said, he wouldn’t […]

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Getting what you deserve

One day I watched a movie about a man who had been sentenced to death. Death by electric chair. Getting what he deserved, because this man was a murderer. I wondered how you would feel if you had taken another person’s life? What goes through your mind when you see that person’s life leaving their […]

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Saved from the claws of death

People don’t like it when we talk about the devil. It’s as if people are afraid to talk about him. Afraid that if we talk about him, we’ll leave an opening for him. But I think it is important that we know exactly who and what our biggest enemy is. I still remember my army […]

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