God's word in today's world


A cup of coffee makes a difference

Philippians 2:19-30 My brother sent me this wonderful story: I sat with my friend in a well-known coffee shop in a neighboring town of Venice (Italy), the city of lights and water. As we enjoyed our coffee, a man entered and sat at an empty table beside us. He called the waiter and placed his […]

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God has you in His sights

I’ve heard of many powerful conversions, but nothing close to Paul’s, especially taking into account his background. Not only was he way off the road, he made it his life’s purpose to eradicate Christians. Remember, with the same passion that he had immersed himself in God’s work he earlier persecuted the Christians! And let’s be […]

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With others on the ladder

Paul’s passion was written across his face. He wanted to do nothing but spread the gospel. He literally would have done anything to ensure that all he came into contact with heard the liberating message. He was passionate about the fact that everyone should hear the truth. That is why he was so upset about […]

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Without a name-plate around the neck

1 Corinthians 10:23-33 The world needs God desperately.  People stumble over each other because they cannot see. They are going in the wrong direction.  People think they have found true peace and happiness but just around the next curve they plunge down an overhang. Out there the world needs God’s light so that they may […]

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