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God deeply loves us

My story starts in Namibia… We lived and worked in Grootfontein… Lovely people and the place is fantastic.  It so happened that my husband lost his job and we had to go back to South Africa. My husband came to SA and started looking for job and got a job in Gauteng. The morning before […]

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God comes first

I never had the so called boyfriend. I met someone, got married and repeated this. The first one was a wealthy guy who has regularly beaten me to the hospital and after this I was simply replaced by somebody else. After that I’ve been on my own for some time until I met the so […]

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Second chances

I’ve been in jail. In jail you are very much dependent on an outside support base who visits you regularly and supplies toiletries. This also is your link with the outside world. I only had my student daughter – my mother and brother lived far away. Churches are involved with prisoners whom they support. They […]

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His love is unending

At 16 years old I joined the then SA Navy. In 1970, I married the most beautiful girl in the Cape. She was 19 years old and I, 23. In 1971, I resigned from the Navy and took my young bride to Natal to make a new start. On our own, away from everything and […]

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He hears!

Our house burnt down on 2 May 2015. My husband, myself and our two sons made it out safely in the nick of time. Apart from a few burn marks on my face, on my husband’s hands, and my little baby who ended up in hospital for smoke inhalation, we were all OK. The house […]

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All things work together for good

So I’m wondering… Is my story different? Because I watch other Christians and wonder why do problems not devastate other Christians the way they shatter me and my husband? Because today I sit here and EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING have turned against us. Some people actually seem to try and kick us while we’re down… and […]

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