God's word in today's world

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All things work together for good

So I’m wondering… Is my story different? Because I watch other Christians and wonder why do problems not devastate other Christians the way they shatter me and my husband? Because today I sit here and EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING have turned against us. Some people actually seem to try and kick us while we’re down… and […]

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He hears!

Our house burnt down on 2 May 2015. My husband, myself and our two sons made it out safely in the nick of time. Apart from a few burn marks on my face, on my husband’s hands, and my little baby who ended up in hospital for smoke inhalation, we were all OK. The house […]

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His love is unending

At 16 years old I joined the then SA Navy. In 1970, I married the most beautiful girl in the Cape. She was 19 years old and I, 23. In 1971, I resigned from the Navy and took my young bride to Natal to make a new start. On our own, away from everything and […]

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