God's word in today's world


Naughty as always

After 40 years I was back at my primary school in Somerset West where my daughter took part in an evening athletics event. I could hardly believe it, but one of my old teachers, Mr. Le Roux, was still there and was the starter for the evening. I walked over and introduced myself. With such […]

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Like the Gas Monkey Garage guys

I like watching the guys on the DStv programme, Gas Monkey Garage. They might not look so good, but the work they do is amazing – if you love cars it will take your breath away. They take an old beat-up car that belongs on the scrap heap and transform it into a brand-new masterpiece. […]

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The focus in my head

Each of us is being shaped by the things going on in our heads. What we permit in our thoughts determines what we eventually become. Sometimes the thoughts in our heads can act as a hand brake. If you think you’re not good enough, the probability that you might get to the top one day […]

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Your purpose on earth

Do you sometimes wonder why you are here on earth? Are you waiting for answers to the question: What am I actually doing here? Even before my early morning devotions, an e-mail from Arrie (not his real name) flew in: I have questions that remain unanswered. I search and search and even googled the other […]

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