God's word in today's world



Right opposite the Coetzenburg Athletics Stadium in Stellenbosch is a small bridge across the Eersterivier. Only one car at a time can use the bridge. Most people are decent. They allow one car to cross from the other side of the bridge and wait their turn. Now and then a second car will slip across, […]

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God doesn’t make rubbish

Are you feeling a bit down today? Are you still confused about what you’re actually doing here? Do you feel as if you’re all alone? Do you feel more like a failure than a success? Do lots of questions still remain unanswered? This may be the answer you can hold onto: 12So, chosen by God […]

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Special to be less

I remember an incident from my days in the business world. Half an hour before factory start-up, I was with the three project managers planning all that they had to do that day. The one who snuck in last, asked first: “When are we going to read from the Bible again? I’m hungry.” Man, he […]

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Birds of a feather

An English proverb says: Birds of a feather flock together. In Afrikaans, we say ons dam se ganse (the geese that belong in our dam). I suspect this is true for all of us. We choose friends that are more or less like us. We choose schools for our children where the education is the […]

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Think, talk and act like Jesus

I look up to my mentor. I wish I could be more like him. He does so much for everybody. When he is with you, all his attention is focused on you, making you feel so special. When he talks about God, he speaks with authority. You can ask him virtually everything about the Bible […]

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For sale, for free

With his crucifixion, Jesus opened a shop with loads of brand new clothes in every town. Anyone could enter and exchange his or her dirty clothes. As you enter, you pass a lovely burning fire. You can throw your old clothes into the fire where they burn to a cinder together with all traces of […]

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A new diet plan

I struggle with my weight. In recent years I kept getting heavier and heavier. Even though I’m careful with what I eat. Especially during the week, but over weekends my self-control slips a bit. I’ve thought about this a lot and tried to find out what I was doing wrong. I suspect that one of […]

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A lesson in a package of shame

Dishonesty will come to light some time or another. Yes, our wrong deeds are forgiven, and that is wonderful, but in a way, wrong deeds always come to light. I still remember when my friends and I were ten years old and decided to try smoking. We got some money together and bought a packet […]

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Swear words

In the early days of our ministry I wrote a story about moerse gaps, an Afrikaans swear word describing something very big. It was a letter to my friend whose dad had died in a car accident and I wanted to describe the enormous gap that his dad had left behind with his sudden and […]

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