God's word in today's world


Another chance

We meet another one of Paul's friends who helped to preach the gospel. His name is Onesimus. His story did …


Taking another by the hand

Life was not easy in Paul's time. He was in prison. Their Messiah was no longer with them and everybody who …




Obedience better than sacrifice

There was a time when I was really disappointed in my son. It started when he started drinking wine. That …

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Never alone

I certainly have made a few wrong decisions in my lifetime, but even though my first marriage did not last, I …

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The Cross

What do the readers say?

So true, and so many lessons.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Martie

You and the daily Crossroads that you send out mean so much to our men’s group. Nic

Cannot wait for Crossroads to land on my desk every day.

Your Crossroads is like a resting place on the N1 through the Karoo – think: coffee, sandwich and chicken leg. Sarel

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