God's word in today's world


How to help a friend

When Paul encourages us to help our friends who have lost their way, he makes a good suggestion: 16... And …


Helped up

My wife had a serious talk with me. I had to correct someone close to me. He was getting out of hand and she …




Miracles do happen

I was diagnosed with Alzheimer but I could not make peace with it at all.  I cried, prayed and begged with …

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God still speaks today

Having been a 24 year old student I got invited to a wedding. I didn’t have a date but my mother felt I had …

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The Cross

What do the readers say?

So true, and so many lessons.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Martie

You and the daily Crossroads that you send out mean so much to our men’s group. Nic

Cannot wait for Crossroads to land on my desk every day.

Your Crossroads is like a resting place on the N1 through the Karoo – think: coffee, sandwich and chicken leg. Sarel

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