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God’s other side

My dad was a wonderful man. There were many things he could do well and one of those was to give use a …

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Dopamine and so on

Some time ago I woke up with the question: Why should every school pay school fees for the implementation of …

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All things work together for good

So I’m wondering… Is my story different? Because I watch other Christians and wonder why do problems not …

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He hears!

Our house burnt down on 2 May 2015. My husband, myself and our two sons made it out safely in the nick of …

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Die Kruis

What does the readers say?

So true, and so many lessons.

Thank you for my free energy boost that you give to me in words.

I believe that the Lord speaks to me through all these lovely messages and that I have to change my life. Tokkie

Ouch – and that’s my corn gone! Thank you for the meaningful explanation of love and unity! Willie

Sometimes it brings answers at the right time and carries me through hard days. Jonet

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