God's word in today's world


God doesn’t make rubbish

Are you feeling a bit down today? Are you still confused about what you're actually doing here? Do you feel …


Special to be less

I remember an incident from my days in the business world. Half an hour before factory start-up, I was with …




Second chances

I’ve been in jail. In jail you are very much dependent on an outside support base who visits you regularly …

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His love is unending

At 16 years old I joined the then SA Navy. In 1970, I married the most beautiful girl in the Cape. She was 19 …

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The Cross

What do the readers say?

So true, and so many lessons.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Martie

You and the daily Crossroads that you send out mean so much to our men’s group. Nic

Cannot wait for Crossroads to land on my desk every day.

Your Crossroads is like a resting place on the N1 through the Karoo – think: coffee, sandwich and chicken leg. Sarel

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